Harvest Festival

To celebrate our great gardening season, we invite all participants to a festive gathering starring our own fresh and transformed garden  for all to taste an enjoy!.

The event  is also our way of saying  thanks  to all our gardeners.

Collective kitchens
Ateliers culinaires avec les enfants.jpg

To help our gardeners bridge the divide from garden to table, two training components are made available.


First, workshops explain new fruits, vegetables or herbs, giving participants a chance to learn the benefits of a plant by picking it, eating it in different ways and learning about its various uses.

The second component features processing workshops, where participants can learn basic recipes and culinary possibilities or a given food.

Collective kitchens will resume their regular activities when the pandemic situation permits.

The Big Clean-up Day

The opening and closing of the Garden involve many tasks.

Our Grande Corvée or Big Clean-Up will take place on a Saturday at the and of April or early May depending on the weather. It's always a wonderful day of pleasant, sharded effort, followed by a cocktail party to toast to our fellowship.

Precise date to be determined! Stay tuned for updates!

30Th Anniversary
Fleurs et bougies

Our Garden turns 30 in 2021!

Many activities will be planned to celebrate this special occasion!

Stay tuned for schedule!