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Interesting in sharing your talents or skills?

As a collective garden volunteer, you will enjoy several benefits:

  • Introduction to ecological gardening techniques

  • Free courses and workshops

  • Access to garden fresh organic fruits and vegetables

  • Opportunities to socialization and share interests.

A  minimum half-day participation per week is required. We also need volunteers for certain projects and events.

Drop us a line before the end of June of each year!

450-565-2998 ext 121 or

As a participating organization


You work in a local organization and think your clientele could reap the benefits of horticulture activities in the Collective Garden, a half day each week? You're welcome  to join us!

 For workplace Integration

Each spring, In collaboration with the local employment center, we promote gardener's assistant positions as part of job market reintegration programs through a horticultural project. Contact us for details.

Individual member

Contribute to our mission by becoming a supporting member of our organization for the modest sum of $5.

Corporate member

Organizations and businesses can also support us for a minimum of $25 per year depending on the type of organization.


To see the categories of members, benefits and costs, and to sign up.....

travail benevole
membre CA

Whether material (tools, soil, compost, edible plants, etc.) or financial donation  allow us to produce more fruits and vegetables and organize horticultural or culinary activities that will enhance our community well-being.

For more substantial donations we can issue a receipt for income tax purposes. It's that easy as....




Thank you for helping us pay it forward!

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